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The ingredients you use say a lot about your establishment. Give your guests the best taste experiences by partnering with Burnett Dairy Cooperative. Our Fancy® cheeses, new Patria® mozzarella and other select dairy offerings are made to the highest standard, with milk from our own farms and ultimate respect for our people, animals and planet.

Introducing Patria® New York-Style Mozzarella

Patria™ is the premium, clean-label choice for New York-style pizzeria operators, delivering all-natural goodness, a superior stretch, minimal browning and a creamier flavor than other mozzarellas.


The Milk Matters

High-quality milk makes high-quality cheese. We start with pure, wholesome milk produced by our own farmers, from our own cows. Then we add our unique mix of natural science and intuitive artistry to create incredible results.


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Farmer Owned, In America’s Dairyland

We are owned by Wisconsin and Minnesota dairy farmers who believe that great cheese comes from managing every detail – from soil and feed to cow health, milk quality and product performance. Sure it’s extra work, but when we see how much people love our cheese, it’s all worth it.


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The Ribbons Keep On Coming

Being Midwesterners, we were always told to never brag. But we are extremely proud of the many awards our cheeses have taken home through the years.


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